About us

We been doing Games consoles, PS2, PS3,XBOX, PS4, XBOX 1...

Well im been doing electronics repairs for over 12 years, but for the last 7 years i started get involve in games consoles and not stopped since, i always loved games and grow up thinking about getting involve in games industry so all consoles i take i do it as professional as possible.

I have qualifications in electronics and computer science but the most importante is my huge years of experience dealing with broken electronics. Something i love is customizing computers with water colling systems,fans,cpu,gpu overclocking and same love in consoles customizations case, led lights etc...

Hot Services


PS3 downgrade, We will revert the software back to the orginal 3.55 software where you can install cfw or simple enter service mode to marry a dvd driver board or somthing else really, frame times around 1/2 hours usually.


Well hdmi faulty is very normal in most consoles due to unplug and plug many times parts gets weak and break, we usually remove and fix a new original part, times frames about 1 hour usually depending if it was been replaced before.


Well other very normal problem in consoles, usually cpu chip gets overheated and small cracks appear under the chip causing ylod or blod process takes around 24 hours to get it like new.

Other Services

All sorts of problems

We do many other services that show up on consoles every day new problems come over to us to get it sorted here is a few list of most jobs we do.

Above is just a small list of services we provive, we also do lots of consoles modifications on console such ps3, ps4, xbox 1 most popular consoles, we usally change the whole shape of a boring console into something really cool and very unique with custom desing crafted in console, led lights, fan mods, skins etc... you will having the most cooler console in UK.

We only used the best products on industry