Q:Can i use mods on my cfw ps3 online?

A:Well i can't advise you to mod online as ban risk is high but yes you can.

Q:Can i play by games backup without disk?

A:Yes you can use your console as diskless, as disks gets damage with time so you can copy to hadrdrive and play without disk.

Q:Can i play ps1,ps2 or retro games on your consoles?

A:Oh yes you can it will need cfw to be installed and emulators and that is it.

Q:Can you fix ps4 Hdmi ports?

A:Yes we can replace the whole port quick turn around.

Q:Hi can you jailbreak PS3?

A:Well jb you mean downgrade and install a cfw where you will have access to root! Yes can do that at Phat or slim ps3 consoles.

Most asked questions and answers

Q:Do you sell PS3 consoles on 3.55 firmware?

A:Yes we do sell ps3 consoles on 3.55 ofw.

Q:Does the ps3 comes with warranty and how long?

A:Yes all ps3 we sell comes with 6months warranty and can be extended to 1 year.

Q:Does ps3 comes full loaded with multiman, psn patched etc...

A:Well for that it will need to be on cfw that you can ask us for advise before buying it

Q:Can i use my ps3 online while on cfw?

A:Yes you can still use your console as usual it will be few things that will need to be checked but yes you can

Q:Can i get ban from sony network?

A:Simple answer yes its always possible but it most happen if you modding games online

Q:Can i unban my console from sony network?

A:well true answer is yes but it cant be done just like chat to them or ask them, it will need you to change console id.

Q:Do you guys fix YLOD?

A:Yes we do fix ylod by simple reball the console mother board usually its permanent.

Q:Do you guys fix ps4 blod?

A:Yes we can it will have new board reball.