Offering an expert service PS3 Downgrade 3.55
Offering professional PS3 PS4 console repair service
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Ps3 Downgrade UK

Playstation Mods

We'll customize up your
console to be unique

Well console cases modification become very popular this days.

We been doing consoles modifications for a long time on ps3 and now on ps4 too, you can check our project galery and take some ideas for you console or leave it to us to make your console sick, modifications goes from cases to internal, fan mods, cpu watercooling, skins, carbon, temp display, no limitations on what can be done.

Prices and times frames really very from what your project is some will be quicker others longer about prices relative cheaper than what you thinking it will cost, remind that controller can also be customized most in ps4.

Ps3 Downgrade UK

PS3 Downgrade

Let us Downgrade your
PS3 console Today

We will downgrade your PS3 back to original 3.55 firmware in less than 2hours.

While we downgrading your ps3 it will have full service too, we will replace thermal pads, thermal paste on the plate and glass and check for bad solder joins.

While your console is now on 3.55 offical firmware.

We or you can now install a custom firmware to allow you to custumize your ps3 to your needs such save games on hdd, change logo boot, access the root of ps3 and so much more.